October 5, 2009


We’ve known Lee Curtiss for too long—too long to not have released any of his music, at least. Now, with Lee’s Black Door EP (coming October 13th on Spectral Sound), we’re consummating our friendship with the affable Wolf + Lamb affiliate in a suite of the Detroit producer’s funky, eccentric techno. Having recently dropped the wicked ‘Smoking Mirrors’ single (download it from Beatport here), Lee is currently on tour in Europe. We corralled Lee for a moment to ask him Five Questions, and here’s what he said…

1. In exactly 13 words, how would you describe your music to someone who had never heard it before?

If you don’t tell your parents, we can make it last all night.

2. What is this “Black Door,” anyway?

It deals with the concepts behind choices in life, the right way, the wrong way… taking the road less traveled or the straying off the beaten path. For behind the black door lies a land of pain, pleasure, and wonderment—at least I think it does…

3. What are you doing at this exact moment, and what will you be doing one month from now?

Right now I’m in London, working my way through The Wire box set my lovin’ lady got me for my birthday, and getting music together for the pop and yacht rock set I have to play after my DJ set in Dublin next weekend. Both labors of love.

A month from now, I’ll be hunkered down in Detroit in between tour dates, feverishly working in the studio with a couple of new pieces of gear, desperately trying to beat that ever-looming time line to complete the projects I have to finish.

4. What’s the one record you can’t live without, and why?

I’m tempted to give you an artsy answer for this one, but I have to lay it straight out there. Prince’s Purple Rain album has always been my handbook and source of inspiration when I’m out of ideas or trying to write hooks.

5. How about a piece of sage advice for the younger generation?

Work hard, stay in school, drink your milk, don’t do drugs.