The Sight Below - Glider - Available Now

November 11, 2008

The leaves are changing colors and floating to the ground, the days are getting shorter, the sunlight is paler – fall is here, which means that winter can’t be far behind. Ushering in the season’s chill is The Sight Below’s Glider LP, a full album of the reclusive Seattle-based producer’s exquisite ambient works, released today on Ghostly. On Glider, washes of treated guitar drift through achingly subtle beats, building into the sort of melancholy symphonies that could only originate within a chilly, solitary soul. XLR8R says, “Sunny music this is not, but it’s easy to picture the reclusive, unnamed producer behind the album hard at work in drizzly Seattle,” and the Wired blog says, “These expansive instrumental epics start out icy, but melt easily enough with proper application of the human ear.” We say it’s so gorgeous it hurts.