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Com Truise
In Decay
Give it Up
Psychic 9-5 Club
Detroit Part 1
No Better Time Than Now

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A collection of inspiring works by friends and collaborators, with emphasis on color and abstraction.


Our semi-regular podcast

Ghostly's 110

Our Favorite Albums of the Decade

January 2010 not only marks the emergence of a new year and a new decade--it's also a bookend on the first ten years of Ghostly International. Naturally, we're feeling a little reflective. Since our humble beginnings, Ghostly has become much more than a label (or labels), and while the sky's the limit for our ambitions, music remains at the core of our being. As a tribute to the brilliant artists who have inspired us during Ghostly's lifetime, we present Ghostly's 110: Our Favorite Albums of the Decade. Read the full list »


Alan Abrahams (aka Bodycode)

In this video introduction to Spectral Sound artist Bodycode, filmmaker Shai Levy follows Alan Abrahams (aka Bodycode) as he prepares for a live set in Berlin. As the camera looks on, Abrahams gathers his gear and drives through the colorful streets of Berlin; all the while, the producer ruminates on his love of his native sounds and the changing nature of electronic music. Look closely and youll see labelmates Matthew Dear and Ryan Elliott.

Ghostly Discovery iPhone App

A streaming radio station and mood-based music discovery tool, Ghostly Discovery is a free app for the iPhone and iPod Touch
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Ghostly Adium Chat Icon

A simple dock icon for the Adium chat application on OS X, using the Ghostly International logo and Black Pearl as a canvas.
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