n a city famed for its disparate and varied musical excellence, the Detroit-based alignment of feted electronic artist and producer Shigeto and Bruiser Brigade member ZelooperZ is an entirely natural thing. Introduced by mutual friends, the duo bonded quickly and began freeform collaborating without expectations or rules. Two years later theyve shaped A Piece Of The Geto. Their debut album presents new lanes and expanded peripheries for both artists: ZelooperZ, embracing his various artistic sides that he might not have shown before, and Zach Saginaw, aka Shigeto, shifting from solo performer to music producer for the first time alongside

a vocalist.

There is a less is more philosophy to the production on A Piece Of The Geto, where verses are seamlessly interlaced into the fabric of the beats. Its minimal in a sense, but the emotion felt through the words of ZelooperZ makes the songs heavy with sentiment. As much as the album is an intimate reflection of a budding personal and musical relationship, it more so shows that people from separate worlds experience all the same types of pleasure and pain, and can come together to express that through whatever they choose to do or create.

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  • 05.25.2018
    Movement Opening Party @ Marble Bar