he Chap: a modern pop group based in north London. The Chap: have never been influenced by anyone or anything at any time, ever.

Starting out with very limited equipment (one microphone, etc.) they came up with their first album “The Horse”, a surreal classic of lo-fi pomposity. “Ham”, the follow-up, was recorded with four microphones instead of one and journeyed into more “grown-up” territory. It received considerable acclaim from all the magazines. Now they have the ambitious “Mega Breakfast” to serve. The Chap is comprised of these people: Claire Hope

(keyboards, vocals); Johannes von Weizsacker (guitar, vocals, computer, cello), Panos Ghikas (bass, violin, guitar, computer, vocals) and Keith Duncan (Drums). They are and always have been about the psychological unease of despising and loving things at the same time. Those things, in particular, may be pop culture, the media world and their interactions; yet the Chap wish to convey a more general, deliciously terrifying sense of destabilisation, surprise and wonder. Kids at gigs have frequently said the Chap “are amazing” and “look like teachers.” John Peel liked them too.


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