Moderna (DJ)


oderna is a DJ/music selector whose style is a heady blend of indie, disco, international beats and techno.

Modernas music history began at the age of 15, booking indie bands in Utah and playing in her slightly too forward thinking noise group, The Static Cult. Between her moves to NYC, San Diego, Chicago, and London (where she hosted a DJ show on GU2 Radio), she co-founded the heralded music magazine, Re:Up that boasts some of the first interviews by many successful musicians and cult bands such as Boards of Canada,

Telefon Tel Aviv and Prefuse 73.

After running Re:Up she took the reigns and oversaw all of the promotions, events and international label tours for Ghostly. Following huge success in helping Ghostly and its artists become more widely known, she went back to her creative passions as an artist. In addition to being a Ghostly International DJ, she is also co-collaborator on a new multi-media electronic music project The Deep. She is releasing under both monikers and continues to play for high profile clients, night clubs and theaters worldwide.

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