perating in the growing hybrid genre of electro-rock, Midwest Product combines live instrumentation with electronics to create music which is both danceable and engaging. Tight, witty, intelligent and pop-worthy, this is electronic with an indie-rock soul; taking the best of both worlds to form something wholly new and yet familiar. The Ann Arbor, MI-based trio, Ben Mullins (electronics/guitar), Chad Pratt (drums) and Drew Schmieding (bass/keys), released their debut album, Specifics, on Ghostly International in 2002.

Following positive reviews from such publication as Time Out: New York and Urb plus solid college radio play, and as one of the only traditional working “bands” on Ghostly, Midwest Product sought crossover acclaim from both electro and indie-rock fans. Expanding their palate to include vocals and a more edgy production approach on World Series of Love, Midwest Product continued to refine their brand of ionized indie-pop with assembly-line precision and a glossy electro sheen.


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