eter Kersten (AKA Lawrence) used to be a gardener. His love of nature imbues a wistful spirit into his minimal techno structures, and a sense of organic progression is evident in all of his music. Having started the Dial label in Hamburg with his friends Carsten Jost and Turner, he became a producer of minimal club music that as apt for the dancefloor as the armchair. Some of Kersten’s favorite artists include Theo Parrish, Gas, and

Iso?e, a fact that tells of the many shades to be found in his work as Lawrence. Following numerous EPs and two full-lengths spanning the labels Kompakt, Ladomat 2000, and his own Dial imprint, Kersten released his incredible Spark EP on Ghostly International in the fall of 2004. Spark asserts a mastery of atmospheres, serving as a convincing argument that dance beats have a versatility that makes them immensely relevant and undeniably enjoyable in any setting.


    Albums & EP's

  • Divided
    SPC-65 / 12"/Digital / 2008
  • Spark EP
    GI-36 / 12"/Digital / 2004

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