DSY (aka Ann Arbor’s Joey Sims) makes textbook avant-pop. Straddling the electronic and the acoustic, JDSY is completely unpredictable, using pop vocals as a distant signal that guides his stunning, melodic sound-clashes. Young JDSY came to our attention via some very artful (literally with screws and pipe cleaner attached) demos back in the early 2000s. After we commissioned him for a remix of Solvent’s “For You” to staggering results,

we simply had to have more. As we waded through literally hundreds of songs and concepts, the foundation for JDSY’s first Ghostly album, Adage of Known, emerged; the results are, in the words of Ghostly’s original mission statement, compelling, engrossing, and, best of all, subversive. Having explored technology with no guidebook, his musical techniques are innovative and haphazard, which breathes a life into the songs that is consistently unique.


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