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ne of the most intriguing and welcome developments in the world of music over the past few years has been the renaissance of house music. A new generation of producers are incorporating the signature tropes of classic Chicago house into a post-millennial reinvention of the genre, creating a wealth of new takes on one of the most influential sounds in the history of electronic music. Few producers, however, have done this quite so deftly as London-based producer Mike Greene, aka Fort Romeau.

Greene’s debut album Kingdoms was released last year on LA label 100% Silk the dance-focused imprint of progressive indie label Not Not Fun and got strong reviews on both sides of the Atlantic for its sleek production, and for the way its productions are imbued with the warmth and sense of soul that characterizes Chicago’s classic sounds. The record reflected Greene’s deep sense of affection for

the genre as he told UK website Data Transmission last year, “I first heard a lot of the classics early on and they have always just stuck with me … I love the raw energy and feeling they have, theres so much soul in them they feel really alive, and I just really respond to that sound emotionally.”

Greene also DJs frequently, explaining to Spin last year that, “Being able to construct a DJ set and put it into context with records that you really love, and be able to build a larger picture of what you’re doing and where you’re coming from I think it’s incredible. I don’t think DJing is given the credit it’s due… as an idea and as a cultural activity, I think it’s amazing.”

2013 sees Greene joining the Spectral Sound roster, with his first release the single “SW9” dropping this March.


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