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September 16, 2014


Two fantastic Ghostly artists come together on Beacon’s cosmically propulsive remix of “See” by Tycho. With the additions of a bubbly dance groove and singer Thomas Mullarney III’s soft voice, Beatportal premiered this fresh take on Tycho’s serene instrumental—both versions of which are now available as a digital single.

[Listen to Beacon’s remix of Tycho]

[VIDEO] ADULT. Perform "Heartbreak"

September 11, 2014

Back in April, ADULT. played our Moogfest showcase and stopped by the Moog Sound Lab to record a version of “Heartbreak” using only Moog gear.

[See stills from the performance and a list of instruments used here]

[Listen to ADULT.’s exclusive mix for Moogfest on Soundcloud]


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GC54: Light Year - In Flight
GhostlyCast 54 comes from Spectral affiliate Light Year. Look out for Light Year's upcoming tour dates throughout North America in September.

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