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[STREAM] Lord RAJA - "Darwin"

August 28, 2014

Today, we are pleased to announce the debut album from one of Ghostly’s most recent signees, New York-based producer Lord RAJA. A Constant Moth will unleash 12 tracks of uncanny beatmaking when it arrives on November 11, but we’re sharing its first single now in the form of “Darwin”. The contorting, drum-addled song premiered on The FADER today.

[Pre-order Lord RAJA’s A Constant Moth LP here]

[ALBUM STREAM] Christopher Willits - 'OPENING'

August 26, 2014

[ALBUM STREAM] Christopher Willits -

The official release of Christopher Willits’ multimedia album, OPENING, is just a week away, but we are pleased to share its brisk, revitalizing music with the world today. OPENING can be heard over on FACT, where it premiered with a great write up and an extensive list of tour dates. Stay tuned for the unveiling of the visual component to Willits’ immersive OPENING.

[Stream OPENING in its entirety]


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GC54: Light Year - In Flight
GhostlyCast 54 comes from Spectral affiliate Light Year. Look out for Light Year's upcoming tour dates throughout North America in September.

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