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[STREAM] Mark E - "Avion Central"

October 29, 2014

Ghostly is pleased to announce the second 2014 release from English techno DJ/producer Mark E, a six-track EP called Avion. The record will follow his Product of Industry album from April when it arrives on November 17 via Spectral Sound, complete with remixes from Laszlo Dancehall (a.k.a. Leon Vynehall and Christian Piers) and White Material’s Alvin Aronson. Ahead of that occasion, Dummy has premiered the EP’s lead single, “Avion Central”, a shimmering and cyclical bit of synth work with a soft-thumping pulse.

[Pre-order Mark E’s Avion EP]

[PODCAST] Ghostlycast #55: Michael Cina - Time and Space

October 28, 2014

[PODCAST] Ghostlycast #55: Michael Cina - Time and Space

Just two months from his Ghostly 15 playlist, Michael Cina has emerged with another selection of fantastic tunes. The 55th installment of Ghostly’s podcast series is an excursion into deep and soulful house sounds, featuring choice cuts from Motor City Drum Ensemble, Leon Vynehall, Matrixxman, Recloose, and Patricia, among others. It’s yet another example of why Cina’s on-point curatorial skills are outmatched only by his inimitable visual work.

[Stream and download GhostlyCast #55]


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GC55: Michael Cina - Time And Space
For a special edition of GhostlyCast, Michael Cina pulls from his vast collection of records for a house meditation. Cina is a creative director, designer and Artist residing in Minneapolis, MN. Apart from his visual career, he started out DJing in the late 80's and was active in the vibrant Dallas club scene in the early 90's playing alongside some of the best DJs of the era. Producing over 100 release covers for Ghostly and Spectral, Cina will compile them for a special book published by VSCO this winter.

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