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[STREAM] Fort Romeau - Frankfurt Versions

June 30, 2015

[STREAM] Fort Romeau - Frankfurt Versions

A companion piece to Fort Romeau’s recent Insides album, Frankfurt Versions features four excellent producers connected to the titular German city—including Massimiliano Pagliara, Tuff City Kids, Roman Flügel, and Orson Wells. The record won’t be available until July 6, but a week beforehand, XLR8R has premiered the full stream of its five eclectic remixes.

[Listen to Fort Romeau’s Frankfurt Versions]

[STREAM] Matrixxman - "Annika's Theme"

June 25, 2015

The debut album by Bay Area technoist Matrixxman is just weeks from releasing, but we have one more song to share with you before Homesick drops on July 10. “Annika’s Theme”, a synthy and beatless centerpiece, premiered today on The FADER with some extra background from the producer himself. Called “an evocative slab of ambient techno that hums and bristles with Blade Runner-ish overtones,” Matrixxman’s new track is the counterbalance to club heaters like “Augmented” and “HMU (Hit Me Up)”, and represents the artificial beating heart at the core of his immersive album.

[Pre-order Homesick on marbled 2xLP]


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