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June 16, 2017


The third iteration of our Spiritual America event series takes place August 5th, once again at Detroit’s El Club. The evening is set to feature performances by Jacques Greene, Geotic, Scott Zacharias, along with resident DJ Shigeto. See you there.

[Purchase tickets here]

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Ghostly Playlists

June 5, 2017

Ghostly Playlists

We’ve been maintaining a few regular playlists: go-to moods and destinations for quick navigation (in the vastness of streaming). Find them at Spotify or Apple Music.

At Rest: staff selects from the SMM catalog and other artists inspiring us to listen deeper.

Latest Releases: an ongoing assortment of the latest from Ghostly International and Spectral Sound.

At Work: what the team is listening to in the office, updated every two weeks.

For Seasons: A playlist that changes with the seasons. Currently: Spring.

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GC 70: Olin - Do It Live
GhostlyCast 70 welcomes the considered ear of Chicago producer & DJ Olin. Artwork by Andy Gilmore.

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