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[STREAM] Fort Romeau: Phonica Mix Series 15

July 30, 2015

Fort Romeau writes songs that take the classic sounds of Chicago house and reconfigure them. The snatches of gospel vocals remain, as do the insistent rhythms, but the end result is more soulful and spacious. All of those preferences turn up over the course of this riveting 50-minute mix he crafted for Phonica; songs dissolve beautifully into one another, melodies rise and fall but the beat remains driving and propulsive. The result is a perfect complement to his own singular work.

[EVENT] Heathered Pearls, Moderna and Raeo DJ Ghostly's Drip Creator Session in LA

July 30, 2015

[EVENT] Heathered Pearls, Moderna and Raeo DJ Ghostly

On Friday, August 14th from 8:30pm – 1:30am at Upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown LA, Ghostly International will be taking control of Drip’s Creator Session series. The lineup features artists with diverse and wide-ranging tastes. Jakub Alexander, who records as Heathered Pearls, is known for his deep take on Detroit techno; Moderna balances steady, pulsing drums with bright flashes of synth; and Raeo combines the cut-and-paste aesthetic of hip-hop with glitchy, twitching rhythms.

You can get all the details here.


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GC60: Jock Club - Babylon
Recorded live in Arizona, Jock Club's GhostlyCast, Babylon, channels the spirits of techno, acid, and house are woven through his hour-plus session.

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